What’s the point of having a website if no one goes to it? You must DRIVE traffic to it in order to engage current and prospective customers.

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Search produces two kinds of results in the search engine results page (SERP):

Organic Ranking results are based on the “relevance” and the “authority” of the site. Relevance is a measure of how close of a match a given web page is to the term being searched.

Paid sponsored (Pay Per Click) Your position on the page depends on the price for the search term, which is based on the competition for it and its relevancy To get SEO authority, the name of the game is to get as many links as possible from as many high-authority sites as possible.Which site depends on the nature of your business. Our professionals can sort this out for you. SEO done right is about creating content consumers want to find, and then helping Google deliver great search results. This is exactly our approach.

Authority is a measure of how important and authoritative that given page is in the eyes of Google (PageRank). The authority of a web page is calculated based on the number of inbound links from other web pages and the authority of those pages.

PPC is set directly with Google in your account so there is full transparency, no mark-up, and accurate analytics available whenever you want them.