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Sidekick Product Intro Video

The agency was retained to launch an entirely new product for the golf industry: the Sidekick Golf Caddy. The function of the Sidekick is to make sure a golfer always has the right clubs, right by your side so they can hit the right shot given the distance and lie.

Our challenge was to develop the correct brand position and logo and then develop all the elements of an integrated campaign. The logo and positioning line were first: Sidekick Golf Caddy The Right Clubs, Right By Your Side. Both the visual of the golfer with the Sidekick beside him and the positioning line clearly convey that the Sidekick is meant to be with you on the course.

As golfers we all know what’s it’s like to stand over your ball knowing you’ve got the wrong club in your hand. For that reason alone every golfer needs a Sidekick by their side. Every shot counts. Play with confidence.

The 10/2/00 SafeShip ad ran on the back page of USA Today’s section A. It introduced an entirely new category, quality shipping. The company had patented technology that measured exactly what happened when a product moved through the distribution channel.

It was so revolutionary that BNSF embraced it and wrote that the technology would be used to monitor rail car ride quality on their five year contract proposal to GM, which they were initially awarded.

The second is an example of the co-branding ads created for BNSF to leverage their differential advantage with SafeShip technology.

Turning a marketing strategy into compelling communications is not easy, but that’s what we do every time.