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It’s nice to win awards, and we have many. But our real benchmark is: “Did the message drive our client’s business and help them achieve their business and marketing goals”?

Turning a marketing strategy into compelling communications is not easy, but that’s what we do every time.

San Marcos Toyota Case Study, July 2012

San Marcos is a city in Texas located between Austin and San Antonio. The local Toyota dealer, San Marcos Toyota, has a large primary market area (PMA), though it is not highly populated, as much of the area consists of farm land. Thirty miles to the north and south, there are large, well-capitalized competitive Toyota dealers. In some areas of San Marcos Toyota’s PMA, it is a shorter journey on better infrastructure to a competing Toyota dealer.

Given the population density of San Marcos Toyota’s PMA, to achieve their sales volume objective, it is necessary to have a significant pump out percent (approximately 50% of their sales), to customers located outside their PMA. However, that requires consumers to make a drive of thirty minutes or more to reach San Marcos Toyota.

To turn potential negatives, distance and time, into positives for their customers and inspire the San Marcos team with a rallying cry, the agency created their new brand position of San Marcos Toyota WORTH THE DRIVE.

The creative campaign that brings this to life was created using actual employees to explain why it is WORTH THE DRIVE. It is a great example of how a strategy is brought to life creatively. The campaign consists of an Anthem spot explaining the line and vehicle-specific executions reinforcing the positioning with various claims.

To extend the campaign in the dealership, a complete POS kit was created, which you can see below. The campaign launched in July of 2012. Sales are up year over year by twenty percent so far and has served as a rallying cry for the employees. The top spot is titled Anthem and the second illustrates how it works at the product level.


Point of Purchase