Strategic Services

Research of your marketplace is one of the most important components of a successful marketing campaign and it is the first stage of our agency's involvement with your business. The foundation of your plan will be established based on market size, competitive environment, growth potential and media costs.

Every campaign will be established based on your marketing budget and the desired media mix in conjunction with your business plan.  Each will be built on a foundation of measurable goals.

Post analysis of your campaign would involve a joint effort between our agency and your business to determine peaks in response and sales in correlation with the timing of the campaign.

Our goal is to effectively manage your budget with you while providing maximum impact.

Each form of media is measured based on audience delivery in terms of rating points for Broadcast TV, Cable and Radio. Print is measured by readership and outdoor is measured by traffic flow patterns. Media negotiations take a significant amount of time because comparisons are made and efficiencies are studied in order to make the most effective media buys.

We can purchase your media annually, quarterly, monthly or by specific flight dates.

When it is possible to set annual budgets, our advertising results are the most efficient.  Our potential to include added value elements such as sponsorship billboards of broadcast news and other free exposure for your business is greater.  Annual buys may be reviewed and adjusted throughout the year, if warranted.

Every buy should be negotiated as early as possible.  Last minute placements are typically more expensive to execute because media properties increase their rates as their inventory reaches sell out levels.

Your company will receive detailed reports of your media buys with measurements, pricing and efficiency comparisons for your approval prior to placement.

Any necessary adjustments can be make to schedules with 2 weeks notice. (Required by media properties)

You will receive your Media Buy Overview. (without pricing or measurements) This document is created for your Receptionist or Sales Team.  It allows your employees to be informed about your media plans.  When your employees are actively involved, they can play a vital role in helping to keep track of results.

Media Invoices can be confusing, overwhelming and time consuming.  We take that burden from you by checking all media invoices each month for accuracy.  Credits are taken for you when schedules are not run exactly as ordered, commercials air too close together or traffic instructions are not followed.  All invoices are compiled into one monthly statement.

The overall goal is to help you grow your business!  Our analytical study of your market, our negotiating power and successful track record, give us the ability to create and manage the most effective and efficient media plan possible.

Let us manage your media so that you can manage your business...

Strategic direction, market research, and brand positioning of your short-term and long-range plans will be created based on established goals.

Campaigns will use all or a selection of broadcast TV, cable, radio, print, outdoor and non-traditional media.

Image by definition is "the impression that a person, group, or organization presents to the public or a segment of it."  As company leaders we have to ask ourselves, what do people think of our company and why?

The goal of every company should be to communicate with great clarity the corporate personality of their companies and the services it offers.  Are you effectively telling your community who you are and what you offer?

At Moore Media, we try to think "outside the box" to give our clients unique and creative video media while maintaining a focus on communicating the message.

Moore Media's video professionals have the experience and creativity to develop informative and moving videos for ad spots and promotion.

Our award-winning producer can also assist your team in developing new and unique programming that can separate your company from every other.

Graphic Design is extremely important in all forms of media, and even more important that the design communicates effectively.

Our graphic designers are experienced in print, new media and broadcast media; all necessary to make Moore Media a more complete media facility.

We also do brochures, print ads for magazines or newspapers, and more.  Contact us for a custom print solution.

Signage throughout your building is a very effective way of reminding everyone of your vision, future events, or services available to them.  However, signage should be eye-catching and to the point.

Direct mail is beneficial only when it is effective, and only when it avoids the trash because it is interesting, informative and visually exciting.

Research shows that a growing number of people would prefer to receive a newsletter via e-mail rather than receive one through the mail.  Not only will you be "meeting them where they are" but you will also be saving company resources as there is a considerable cost savings if target marketing from week-to-week.

As in any of our media services, design is a key component to an effective website.  Your website must be functional and accessible while engaging the visitor with your identity and message.  Our design team can develop, design and maintain your website, providing you with the appropriate online solution.

Design and customizing a dynamic and user friendly website is an art.  It is another tool to communicate  with your customers and therefore should reflect your identity and brand.